Apache and PHP - File Upload Limits

If you can not upload a file using Apache and PHP, it's likely that some of your PHP configuration values are set too low. Here are the important ones to check:

Hope that helps some one :-)



Sharing 1 KB and Mouse between 2 PC's

Ok - I have known it existed for some time, but never bothered using it...

It a very useful Open Source tool called Synergy which allow you to share a singe keyboard and mouse between 2 computers - and the two computers could be running different OS's, but why would anybody run anything else then Linux these days?

Well - I have now a desktop and a laptop - both running Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

I have used the Ubuntu synergy FAQ and was up and running in less then 5 minutes - it's really that easy :-)

What I do now is start the synergy server on my desktop (which is practically always on) and whenever I put my laptop down (with it's screen directly to the right of my desktop monitor) I just start the synergy client on the laptop and start using my desktop keyboard and mouse on both computers - just as if the laptop "became" and extension of my desktop (but it's not - it's still a separate system).

Way cool!



Compiling mydns on 64bit platform (Linux)

MyDNS is a very small yet cool DNS server running of a MySQL back-end. To compile it on 64bit Centos I just had to do:

$ ./configure --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib64/mysql/ --with-zlib=/usr/lib64/

This was purely to find the required libraries.

After that the rest of the build process works as documented.



Top Gun Music

In South Africa we are watching Top Gun on DSTV this month - still one of the best movies for me.

Here is the soundtrack (well - one version at least):

Discover Cheap Trick!

Where are those days?

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