RFID Implants

There are more and more stories about human RFID implants. On Slashdot.org there are currently two stories of interest:

"Wisconsin Could Ban Mandatory Microchip Implants" which links to the article on duluthsuperior.com and "RFID Injection Required for Datacenter Access"

Other resources:

Also have a look at one of my previous posts regarding RFID implants.



How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster

A very useful article on MySQL Clustering.

MySQL Cluster is essentially a 3 tier system with a management interface:

MySQL CLuster Diagram

Keep in mind that MySQL Cluster Data Tables are IN MEMORY data tables only, so your storage capacity is limited by system RAM on all your nodes (lowest common denominator).

It does however produce extremely fast query performance, comparable to HEAP table performance, but with additional reliability.


Article : How To Set Up A Load-Balanced MySQL Cluster

MySQL Home Page

MySQL Official Clustering Documentation (version 5.1)



Christian endorsement of Free Software increases

NewsForge | Christian endorsement of Free Software increases

This is an interesting topic. By the very nature of Free Software, one would belief that Christians would have no problem accepting it in their lives and as tools in their ministries, but it seems that there are a lot of confusion surrounding this topic within the church in general.

Personally I don't like the Catholic church that much, but they seem much more organized on these topics indeed.

Would be interesting to follow this one.



Explaining the real risk of Phising...

It seems that most security specialists does not quit understand the impact of Phising attacks on web sites. Many times the security "experts" will try to sell something like VISA 3D Secure, but they do not realize that all the effort in the world could make all of it semi useless with a properly planned Phising attack.

To proof the point, please read the following interesting web articles:

* Netcraft article
* Secunia advisory, with proof of concept (IE browsers only)

Personally I belief there should be a lot more emphasis on teaching people how to read the SSL certificate information of their Bank's web site.

Should make you wonder...

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