Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

Debian -- Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

It seems the date is set for December 2006. I personally can't wait :)


Live migration of Xen domains

Linux.com | Live migration of Xen domains

This seems like one om the better short HOWTO's on the topic of live Xen migration. Worthwile checking out...



LAMPAS Release 0.005

I have just released version 0.005 which is now available for download.

This has been a great learning experience in Apache and mod_perl, and although I am still only scratching the surface, I am very happy with what I have learned. Although some have been advising against mod_perl on Apache 2.2.2, I have succesfully compiled the two packages and have not run into major problems yet, except that I can not yet seem to find an alternative to Apache::DBI but this is so far only a minor set-back. The Apache::DBI documentation notes that "Apache::DBI version 0.90_02 and later might work under mod_perl 2.0. See the Changes file for more information. Beware that it has only been tested very lightly." - so it seems I might be the tester for Apache 2.2.2 and mod_perl here :)

My build and testing steps are documented at the LAMPAS project page. Feel free to play around. LAMPAS 0.005 is based on this build, so I am not sure how it will behave on other builds.

I will now start to focus on building the actual management interface, so hopefully releases will become more frequent. One frustrating part for me was a combination of long delays with major redesign changes between the 0.004 and 0.005 release. It might not be that aparent once you poke around the directory structure, but belief me - I changed my mind a couple of times after reading some mod_perl documentation, getting advice and trying out stuff.

This document has also been published on the Debian Administration site on my blog there.

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