Inside the Lucasfilm data center

This is amazing. A 10,000 square foot datacenter running on a 10gbps back bone. Every sysadmin's dream!

Here are some quick resources:
There is also a photo slideshow which is very intersting. According to Netcraft, the LucasFilm Home page is run by Solaris 8 - interesting...



Sun Is Giving Away Solaris 10 DVDs

Sun Microsystems lets you order Solaris 10 absolutely free of charge. The operating system comes on a single DVD supporting both the x86 and SPARC versions. Also included is Sun Studio 11.



Another interesting MySQl UDF - myperl

I am starting to enjoy MySQL more and more. The 'myperl' UDF allows you to execute Perl from inside of MySQL. It can either be stored in a row, or it can be specified in your SQL statement. You also can select other columns which will be passed to Perl.

I can't wait to start play :)

Visit tangent.org for more great UDF and other utilities. Thanks!


Some User Defined Functions for MySQL

I saw this morning that a new release of "UDF collection for MySQL 0.2" is out. This utility adds the following functions:

For those new to UDF (User Defined Functions) in MySQL, you can read the following pages:

There are also some UDF collection available, like the ones hosted by Nem W Schlecht.

But also be aware of security, like pointed out in this security alert.



Some interesting doscoveries I have made...

There are two interesting discoveries I have made in the last two days.


This looks like a very interesting extension for Firefox

I discovered it on GoogleOS.
RFID Starter Kits

I also discovered a company called Trossen Robotics who sell RFID hoby/started kits. I hope I can get my hands on one of their sets to start learning some RFID programming.

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