Root DNS Servers Prepare for IPv6

Ars Technica has the story. They touch briefly on the history as well as the technical challenges that form part of the switch. There is also a slashdot discussion.

From what I understood, the IPv4 addresses would run dry somewhere early in 2009. That date is based on the fact that no additional measures is taken to recover IPv4 address blocks, which I thought was a bit odd. But in the light of the IPv6 developments, maybe it's not a problem after all.

The way I see this play out out is that from a a certain point in time, all new services will go onto IPv6 (and some still on IPv4). I also foresee a long period where the two protocols will run side by side. Eventually, as the old services are taken down or upgraded on the IPv4 network, they will probably switch over to the new IPv6 network. Eventually everything should run on IPv6.

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