Modern Software on old OS

In a bit of useless experimenting I thought I would try out some modern 32bit software on old Operating Systems.

I started with my old original copy of Windows 98 - installed under VMWare...

It's been a very interesting experiment indeed. My biggest problem interesting enough was browsing the web. I used the original IE (IE5) that shipped with Windows 98 as well as Netscape Communicator 4.79. Neither of these worked well and even Google's front page was problematic (new CSS and JavaScript causes huge problems).

The new Firefox 3x refused to install - wasn't very happy with the old OS.

Eventually I downloaded and installed Opera 9.64 - AND IT WORKED! The only problem was a warning that said I need to obtain msimg32.dll from Windows ME to fix certain transparency display issues - and that was the only hick-up so far.

From Screenshots

Well - I will be playing some more. For this experiment I would like to see if I could get my old Windows games going again - most of them refuse to work under XP.

Till later then...

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