Electricity Monitor

So I got my E2 Electricity Monitor the other day and hooked it up. The actual work took less then 5 minutes (although it took me 2 days to find some time to go buy bateries - 3x AA and 3x AAA bateries are required).

So I've collected data for a little over 24 hours now and here is a first look at the results:

As you can see, pretty easy to understand. It does however not tell the whole story...

The mobile unit is very handy in that you can easily cary it around to measure specific appliance electricity usage. The monitor receives data every 6 seconds so when you switch on or off an appliance you will quickly see the watts climb or drop and the difference is obviously the the amount of watts that particular appliance draws.

On the graph you see a spike of around 2.7KWh but the truth is that at peak I measured about 4.7KWh with the geyser running and a kettle boiling water (a likely scenario). Also note that I can manually switch my geyser on with the new control unit I had installed with the solar geyser.

The average peak however is much lower, since it measures consumption over the hour and the kettle (as an example) boils water within 5 minutes.

Still, knowing what I know now I have come to the following short term conclusions:

I cant wait for my first full calender and billing month so that I can compare my measurements with that of my actual bill. According to one day's measurement, my bill should be around R500 - not R1500 as it currently is. I can smell a fight coming :-)

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