Building frustrations

As many others in my town I have decided to make some alterations to my house - taking advantage of the good economic times we live in (still making up my mind if this actually true). Anyway - a friendly warning to any people out there planning some alterations: take you budget for the project and multiply it by 3 - at least!

Various friends and family members had given me the same advice, but I thought to myself: "how can it be? Why would a budget be that far off?". So, I did the initial investigations, got the quotes and then added 10% on top of it to make room for the unexpected expenses. I had it all figured out.

The the building started...

Apart from taking exactly 4 times longer then planned, it also cost me 3 times more then planned. Why? Well, there were various factors, and I hope what I put down here may help some other poor fellow some day...

So, that was some of the fun I had. The other problem was of course that I did not stick to my initial plan. I ended up getting a oven and stove more then twice the original price I planned for - because I saw a better model the day I went to actually by the equipment.

Finally - a point I am still trying to figure out for myself - I can still not figure what's the use of inflation figures. Just about nothing I have bought this last year (including food, petrol and building materials) obeyed the inflation figures. I wonder how this work? Maybe I will figure it our one day...

Well - some hard lessons learned. I hope this can be a little reality check for some one out there.


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