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I have a lot of interesting snippets of news in my inbox this morning which I would like to share with the rest of you. Here goes...

News from IBM

The latest IBM LinuxLine is available (subscribe here). The mention a very interesting article about Blue Gene/L, and how Linux was used to take that system to the top of the Supercomputer list.

Scary to think the same systems that drives several of my desktops also powers the most powerful computer on Earth :)

If you are interested in high performance computing, you might be happy to hear that you don't need the IBM budget to start a cluster of your own. Here are some related clustering links you can try at home:

The ClusterKnoppix project is especially handy, as it also includes the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) so that you easily turn a LAN into a working cluster. Now you can older Pentium 2 systems into powerful workstations as they share the load across the cluster.

Happy cluster building !


Although Borland is more Windows centric I have always enjoyed using their products. I practically started way back with Turbo Pascal. Well, I have decided to go over there and I found several interesting pieces of information. Here is the summary:

There is however an alternative to Borland if you want to code cross platform GUI (and other) applications in Pascal. It's in the form of freepascal and the great Delphi like IDE called Lazarus. Make sure you check out the freepascal links page for more resources.


A busy day indeed. I hope you have enough from the above links to keep you busy for today.


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