The Earth is not 6 000 yrs old!

The Earth is not 6 000 yrs old!: "The Earth is not 6 000 yrs old!"

I have written a reply to the article. Here is the content:

Very interesting view. I was one of the people that objected to your article about the egg. Again I have to ask to please publish a balanced story - showing both sides of the argument.

In this case, there is a good resource at Does carbon dating prove the Earth is millions of years old?.

Please understand that most of us are not against science or anything like that, but the fact is that science does assumes a lot of things and based on these assumptions theories are created. Everyday people put these theories into action. This is a very good example of having two opinions based on two theories - both of which are based on pretty solid science.

I think it's more then appropriate to show both sides of the story.


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