LAMPAS Released in experimental state

I have finally set up a sourceforge.net project named LAMPAS.

What is it?

Well, it's a mod_perl application server on steroids - or that is what it wants to be :)

During the last two to three years I have tried to make objective observations of the application development environment, and hence I have come up with a theoretical model of my own "ideal" development environment. This include a source code repository, development resource center, application packaging and distribution, etc.

Why use mod_perl?

The truth is that mod_perl is a very popular and fast Apache module that pre-loads Perl code, bringing down the time associated with CGI scripts to execute.

Also, I am a Perl programmer, so it made sense for me at the time.

I also saw that mod_perl would make a perfect fit for what I want to do. Maybe, if time permits, I will try to port it to some other language in the future, but for now I will stick to Perl as the primary language.

There is also the concept of system administrative scripting and since Perl is also a popular scripting language for Unix system administrators it made sense to stick to one common language.

How long until the rest of us can actually use it?

I hope to have a usable LAMPAS deployment within six months (at the most), but my initial aim is to have it ready by end December 2005.


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