God-friendly, not gay-friendly!

'God-friendly, not gay-friendly!'

Here is my comments on this article:

It is sad that gay people don't want to accept the Word of God.

Unfortunately it seems that the media also has a tendency to misunderstand the Word of God.

The Bible is very specific, and yes - it's not compatible with "human rights" laws. This is where the true commitment in following Jesus Christ lies: we need to sacrifice our "rights" to humbly server as God commanded through His Son.

I will be the first to agree that most of the "Christians" of today do not follow the Bible strictly either, and if there is one thing we all need to do it is to understand that sin in it's whole is wrong. Biblically, having sex with a person of the same sex is just as wrong as stealing. I think that is where the problem lies - people can't accept that all sin is equal before the Lord.

Anyway - interesting article and all Christians are following it closely :)

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