Vatican Paper Hits 'Intelligent Design'

CBS News | Vatican Paper Hits 'Intelligent Design'

Further proof that the Roman Catholic Church policies is not in accordance with the Word of God.

BTW, I saw this truly amazing piece the other day on TV about a "pre-historic" skull of a boy. The scientist figured that the boy was killed by a bird of pray, and his "proof" was the claw of one of the species common in the area.

The skull is apparently "millions of years old".

If evolution exists, why on earth is the imprint on the boy's head consistent with a bird we find today - unchanged (apparently) by "millions of years" of time?

I belief the boy was killed by the bird - the imprint and the match with the birds claw is just too perfect to really dispute that. What I don't belief is that all happened millions of years ago - maybe just a couple of thousand years ago...

Some Bible verses to keep you thinking:

Mar 13:19
Rom 1:15
Eph 3:9
Eph 4:24
Col 1:16 (powerful statement)
Rev 4:11
Rev 10:5,6

Christians must trust the Word of God - it's the only true thing we have left on this earth.

I couldn't agree more. The Vatican is human, and can be wrong and make mistakes.
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