Signs You're a Crappy Programmer (and don't know it)

In brief, the topics covered are:

* Java is all you'll ever need.
* "Enterprisey" isn't a punchline to you.
* You are adamantly opposed to function/methods over 20 lines of code.
* CPU cycles are a precious commodity and your programming style and language reflects that belief.
* You think no function/method should have multiple return points.
* Your users are stupid. Really stupid.
* You take great pride in the high volume of code you write.
* Copy and paste is great, it helps you write decoupled code!
* You think error handling means catching every exception, logging it and continuing on.
* You model all your code in UML before you write it.
* Your code wipes out important data.

"You know those crappy programmers who don’t know they are crappy? You know, they think they're pretty good, they spout off the same catch phrase rhetoric they've heard some guru say and they know lots of rules about the "correct" way to do things? Yet their own work seems seriously lacking given all the expertise they supposedly have? You don’t know any programmers like that? Come one, you know, the guys who are big on dogma but short on understanding. No, doesn’t sound familiar?"

Damien Katz: Signs You're a Crappy Programmer (and don't know it)

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