Setting up SQL-Relay on Centos from source

Here is a couple of easy steps you can follow to compile and install SQL-Relay from source onto a CentOS system:

Once you have the source you will need to ensure you have enough of the dependency RPM's installed:
    # yum install mysql-devel automake glibc-devel make  gcc-c++ perl-DateManip

From SQL-Relay you will need both the 'rudiments' and 'sqlrelay' sources. First compile the 'rudiments' source:
   # tar xzf rudiments-x.xx.tar.gz
# cd rudiments-x.xx
# ./configure
# make
# make install
# cd ..

Next we need to compile and install 'sqlrelay':
   # tar xzf sqlrelay-x.xx.tar.gz
# cd sqlrelay-x.xx
# ./configure --prefix=/opt/sqlrelay
# make
# make install

You may want to add /opt/sqlrelay to 'root' path.

Your configuration file is on /opt/sqlrelay/etc

Have fun.

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