Perl 5.10 is out

Perl is 20 years old, and a new version was released on the birthday.

Well - at this rate I don't know if Perl 6 will ever get going. One thing I noticed is that some of the new commands in Perl 6 is making their way into the Perl 5 source - I think this is a could thing as it will make the transition to Perl 6 (when it eventually becomes available) much smoother.

The change log can be found here...

The twisted /. community also had their say on this thread...

Happy Perl-ing :-)

PS: I need to check out the suggestion from Brian about the Strawberry Perl distribution for Windows. Aparently it includes a C compiler, but as Brian suggested, we may need to wait a while for Perl 5.10 to get in the Strawberry build.

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