Sharing 1 KB and Mouse between 2 PC's

Ok - I have known it existed for some time, but never bothered using it...

It a very useful Open Source tool called Synergy which allow you to share a singe keyboard and mouse between 2 computers - and the two computers could be running different OS's, but why would anybody run anything else then Linux these days?

Well - I have now a desktop and a laptop - both running Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

I have used the Ubuntu synergy FAQ and was up and running in less then 5 minutes - it's really that easy :-)

What I do now is start the synergy server on my desktop (which is practically always on) and whenever I put my laptop down (with it's screen directly to the right of my desktop monitor) I just start the synergy client on the laptop and start using my desktop keyboard and mouse on both computers - just as if the laptop "became" and extension of my desktop (but it's not - it's still a separate system).

Way cool!

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