TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor

For what it's worth - I am looking for an inteligent IDE, web based, with syntax highlighting. Almost what TinyMCE does for HTML editing, I need for source code editing.

Maybe I can hack TinyMCE or add a plug-in?

If you have any ideas, please let's hear it.

I will incorporate it in the LAMPAS project.

Source : TinyMCE Javascript Content Editor by Moxiecode Systems AB



LAMPAS Released in experimental state

I have finally set up a sourceforge.net project named LAMPAS.

What is it?

Well, it's a mod_perl application server on steroids - or that is what it wants to be :)

During the last two to three years I have tried to make objective observations of the application development environment, and hence I have come up with a theoretical model of my own "ideal" development environment. This include a source code repository, development resource center, application packaging and distribution, etc.

Why use mod_perl?

The truth is that mod_perl is a very popular and fast Apache module that pre-loads Perl code, bringing down the time associated with CGI scripts to execute.

Also, I am a Perl programmer, so it made sense for me at the time.

I also saw that mod_perl would make a perfect fit for what I want to do. Maybe, if time permits, I will try to port it to some other language in the future, but for now I will stick to Perl as the primary language.

There is also the concept of system administrative scripting and since Perl is also a popular scripting language for Unix system administrators it made sense to stick to one common language.

How long until the rest of us can actually use it?

I hope to have a usable LAMPAS deployment within six months (at the most), but my initial aim is to have it ready by end December 2005.




LAMPAS Released

I have released another project on SourceForge.net and you are welcome to check it out. The SF project page is located here... There is no files released yet, but there are some pieces of early documentation available here... Also visit the Project Home Page.

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