Microsoft Deepfish Browser

At last something really inovative from Microsoft!

Microsoft unveiled a new mobile Web browser designed to make navigating the Internet on wireless devices as easy and clear as surfing on a PC.

The new browser, dubbed Deepfish, is the latest entry in the growing mobile browser wars designed for delivering content such as Web pages to Windows Mobile devices.

Now to see what the Open Source community response would be...



Setting up SQL-Relay on Centos from source

Here is a couple of easy steps you can follow to compile and install SQL-Relay from source onto a CentOS system:

Once you have the source you will need to ensure you have enough of the dependency RPM's installed:
    # yum install mysql-devel automake glibc-devel make  gcc-c++ perl-DateManip

From SQL-Relay you will need both the 'rudiments' and 'sqlrelay' sources. First compile the 'rudiments' source:
   # tar xzf rudiments-x.xx.tar.gz
# cd rudiments-x.xx
# ./configure
# make
# make install
# cd ..

Next we need to compile and install 'sqlrelay':
   # tar xzf sqlrelay-x.xx.tar.gz
# cd sqlrelay-x.xx
# ./configure --prefix=/opt/sqlrelay
# make
# make install

You may want to add /opt/sqlrelay to 'root' path.

Your configuration file is on /opt/sqlrelay/etc

Have fun.

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