Is this Christianity?

SOURCE: Slashdot | Christian Churches Celebrate Darwin's Birthday

It is really sad how people today put "Christian" labels on everything to "justify" their cause. It seems that if you want an ok from the Christian community, all you have to do is publish how many Christian churches >or people is part of your group, and in some way this will that justify the cause. How does this logic work?

Then there's also the question of 450 churches... That's like 0.001% (not scientific - mocking only) of all Christian churches on Earth :)

But in order to bring a little perspective into this, let me start from the beginning. I have written an earlier piece on a certain Vatican Paper. There are a number of Biblical references there, which basically shows how stupid (from a Christian perspective) the idea of evolution actually is. The Christian faith is based on the belief that God created the heavens and the earth.

So what are we as Christians then supposed to do?


* Pray that the God will reveal the truth through the Holy Spirit in every Christian's life.
* Pray that God should be tolerant and forgive people this sin
* Ask God for wisdom, so that we as Christian can speak the truth about this matter to all people
* Ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts of people we will talk to about this subject so that they are able to understand this truth

Only through the Holy Spirit preparing the hearts of all people can we reveal the truth to all people. Out of our own, that is not possible - after all, it is God who created us, and therefore it is He who can speak into our hearts...

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